Climate change, loss of biodiversity, pollution and the unsustainable exploitation of natural resources are among the most pressing regional issues of the day. They require an understanding of the impacts of human activity on natural cycles, ecosystems, species and topography in order to create a more sustainable future for our communities.

Roy Consultants determines and assesses the environmental impact risks of a project and, if applicable, establishes the measures that can be adopted to counter the negative environmental effects or mitigate them. Our team of engineers and environmental specialists has the skills and technical experience to support clients in the planning process and obtain applicable municipal, provincial or federal environmental approvals and permits.

Specialized services offered in the environmental field include applications for environmental permits such as watercourse and wetland modification, approvals to operate, wastewater system approvals, provincial environmental impact assessments, Fisheries Act authorizations and federal impact assessments. Our professionals also specialize in the development of environmental mitigation measures, environmental protection and management plans, and exemption requests for watershed designated areas and wells.

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