An essential step of due diligence in acquiring a commercial property or completing a capital project is the characterization and environmental assessment of the site. This is a proactive and preventative approach to asset and environmental management. It allows to verify whether, and to what extent, the soil or groundwater is contaminated or to detect the presence in buildings of mould or products harmful to health. Where applicable, the management and remediation of contaminated sites must be carried out in compliance with environmental protection laws and regulations.

Roy Consultants favours an approach that aims to support clients and the participation of authorities and stakeholders in decision-making. In this context, our team of engineers and environmental specialists develops and implements acceptable solutions that take into account the project’s social, environmental and economic aspects.

Specialized services offered in the environmental field include supervision of emergency response to spills, assessment and remediation of spills, environmental site assessments (phases I, II and III), remediation of contaminated sites, brownfield redevelopment, wetland delineation and rare plants, migratory birds and wildlife surveys. They also include water source assessments, hydrogeological assessments, aquatic habitat assessments, water and sediment quality assessments, air quality assessments, hazardous materials surveys and soil suitability analysis.

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