A Multidisciplinary

A multidisciplinary team that, through its concern for a job well done, delivers innovative, creative and high-quality engineering projects to the regions it serves.

Integrity and professionalism are values that are well anchored within the firm; its commitment to the community is part of each one of its mandates.

Consolidated into one team, efficiency, community knowledge and the latest technological trends make Roy Consultants the firm for all projects.


The Know-how of  Committed Professionals


Buildings are an integral part of our regions; citizens assemble there to live, work, do business, socialize, have fun, learn and obtain care and services. In support of the project’s designated architect, and whatever the nature of the project, the know-how of our multidisciplinary team guarantees solutions adapted to your realities and your vision.

Industrial and Mining

Much of our regions’ economy is based on the exploitation and processing of our natural resources. To protect our environment and our habitats, our firm advocates a sustainable approach in the execution of its services, relying on the multidisciplinary structure of its team and on its professionals’ extensive experience in heavy industry and in the mining sector.


The growth of our communities at the social and economic levels is supported in large part by the design, construction and management of resilient infrastructures. The wealth of experience gained through numerous engineering mandates allows our firm to offer a full range of multidisciplinary services in the fields of municipal and transportation engineering, both in regional and urban areas, in engineering fields related to airports, port and coastal installations, as well as solid waste and recycling sites, these infrastructures representing essential services that support our regions.

Environment, Soils and Materials

Our firm offers services adapted to the various environmental and geotechnical challenges you may encounter in the execution of your projects. Whether through environmental assessments, site planning and rehabilitation, soil investigation, groundwater management and prevention of environmental risks, we aim to maintain a healthy, clean and sustainable living environment, and ensuring the incorporation of natural elements and safety in your projects.

Entrust your Project to our Team of Professionals

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548, avenue King
Bathurst (NB)  E2A 1P7
3655, rue Principale
Tracadie (NB)  E1X 1E2
1080, rue Champlain, local 13
Dieppe (NB)  E1A 8L8
416, rue York, bureau 220
Fredericton (NB)  E3B 3P7
13, rue Costigan
Edmundston (NB)  E3V 1W7

548 King Avenue
Bathurst, NB  E2A 1P7

3655 Principale Street
Tracadie, NB  E1X 1E2
1080 Champlain Street, Unit 13
Dieppe, NB  E1A 8L8
416 York Street, Suite 220
Fredericton, NB  E3B 3P7
13 Costigan Street
Edmundston, NB   E3V 1W7