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Roy Consultants is recognized in its field as a major employer committed to its community. Since its founding in 1984, the firm’s professionals have worked on the development of projects entrusted to them with integrity, professionalism, creativity and a concern for a job well done.


CIVIL Engineer
Chief Executive Officer

Michel Dufresne, P.Eng.

CIVIL Engineer
Chief Operating Officer – Infrastructures

Bruce Comeau, P.Eng.

Chief Operating Officer –

Philippe Landry, P.Eng.

Chief Financial Officer

Paul Arseneau, CPA, CGA

Founder’s Story

In the summer of 1984, the founding president, the late Jean-Jacques Roy, started his business with, at his side, one engineer, three technicians and a secretary. Back then, Roy Consultants offered municipal engineering services and mainly served New Brunswick’s Chaleur Region and Acadian Peninsula communities. A few years later, the firm gets involved in projects related to the industrial sector. In 1987, the small business moves to its current Bathurst head office.

Over the years, Roy Consultants developed a multidisciplinary structure, which allows it to broaden its fields of expertise and its reputation across the province. Since the early 1990s, a succession plan allows employees to become owners of the firm. Under the management of Mr. Michel Dufresne since May 2018, the New Brunswick consulting engineering firm can now rely on the know-how of a team of bilingual professionals working at the Bathurst head office and its four regional offices, serving clients from Moncton/South-East, Acadian Peninsula, Fredericton/River Valley and Madawaska/North-West.

Since 1984, the members of Roy Consultants:

Fields Of Services

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Identification of Project Data

Process of collection and consignment of basic information required for the realization of a project.


Mandate during which the professional studies the need and the possible technical solutions, which will be submitted to the client, including development and validation of conceptual ideas.

Requests for Spaces, Services and Land

Modalities by which the professional verifies the availability of spaces (according to production constraints, schedules, forecasts for the future, etc.), services (energy, communications, water, compressed air, steam, etc.) and land, which will be required for the execution of a project.

Audit of Professional Services

Mandate entrusted to the professional for the examination or review of engineering works, performed by others.

Expert Testimony

Mandate entrusted to the professional for the issuance of an independent and objective opinion regarding a specific subject for which his professional expertise is required (complaint, technical difficulty, dispute, etc.).

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Project Development

Process by which all parameters related to the solution chosen are developed, including the collection of specific information, concept development, computations, modeling and risk management.


Graphic representation of the design.


Qualitative written and detailed description of materials, equipment, systems, technical specifications and others regarding the work to be completed; including, if necessary, all documents related to the tender call process.

Cost Estimates

Assessment, by the professional, of the probable cost of the work before its realization.

Knowledge Transfer

Process by which the professional responsible for the design transmits all the design criteria, the purpose of the project, his conceptual approach and his intents regarding the operation of the work, for the benefit of those assigned to the realization and operation of the work.

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Tender Calls

Process of tender calls for the execution of the works, supply of goods and services, from a third party; including the opening and the analysis of tenders.

Technical Changes

Process by which the professional informs the parties of modifications to the design, including contract amendments.


Resident work site supervision to ensure that the built work complies with the plans and specifications through continuous quality control.


All supervision activities by which are ensured the control of the execution and the costs as well as the respect of deadlines; including communications with the contractors and review of shop drawings, approved equals and progress claims.


Stage at which the professional supports his client in the acceptance and commissioning of the works


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Roy Consultants is committed to providing its customers with advanced, effective and recognized technological skills, taking into account budgetary constraints, requirements and deadlines.

To this end, Roy Consultants strives to provide quality engineering services, tailored to meet the needs and expectations of its clients. To achieve this, Roy Consultants advocates a quality management system focusing on continuous improvement of services and customer satisfaction.

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By this policy, Roy Consultants aims to identify measures to minimize risks to its employees’, visitors’ and clients’ health. To achieve this objective, this policy considers Roy Consultants’ responsibilities towards its employees, visitors and clients, and relies on the personal responsibility of each member included in one of these groups.

Employer’s Responsibilities

Employee’s, Visitor’s and Client’s Responsibilities

Joint Health and Safety Committee’s Responsibilities

The joint health and safety committee is mandated to oversee the occupational health and safety general policy. Enforcement of laws and regulations and adherence to health and safety guidelines established by Roy Consultants are applicable to all employees without exception.

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General Statement; Customer

Our firm has a strong reputation for integrity, professionalism and concern for a job well done. In this sense, any information collected (through this site or by any other means) and which concerns you, of personal and/or confidential nature, is governed by a specific framework of our policy for the protection of personal and confidential information, to protect you.

Our Commitment to You

Your personal and confidential information will be retained for specific purposes to enable us to provide our most professional and attentive services. No information deemed unnecessary and which is not useful in the delivery of services will be preserved and thus destroyed. Should the nature and extent of the use of the said collected information change, we are committed to asking for your consent regarding the new purpose of the collected information. Only authorized employees as part of our policy will have access to your information and for a specific purpose.

Your Commitment to Us

You hereby agree that all information transmitted as part of mandates or through interaction on this Website are governed by our policy and you explicitly consent to our use of this information to serve you. We remind you that no mechanism provides maximum security framework and that, in particular regarding electronic communication of confidential information, inherent risks of data leaks are always possible.

Types of Information Collected to Better Serve You

The following information may be collected as part of our mandate with our customers:

For what purposes do we use the information collected?

Who manages your personal and confidential information at Roy Consultants?

If you would like to change some of the information transmitted, you have questions or want to file a complaint about the privacy of your information, please contact Paul Arseneau, CPA, CGA, Chief Financial Officer.

548, avenue King
Bathurst (NB)  E2A 1P7
3655, rue Principale
Tracadie (NB)  E1X 1E2
1080, rue Champlain, local 13
Dieppe (NB)  E1A 8L8
416, rue York, bureau 220
Fredericton (NB)  E3B 3P7
13, rue Costigan
Edmundston (NB)  E3V 1W7

548 King Avenue
Bathurst, NB  E2A 1P7

3655 Principale Street
Tracadie, NB  E1X 1E2
1080 Champlain Street, Unit 13
Dieppe, NB  E1A 8L8
416 York Street, Suite 220
Fredericton, NB  E3B 3P7
13 Costigan Street
Edmundston, NB   E3V 1W7